Let me start by thanking you for taking the time to visit my page. Now let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor Makakoa. I was born in Hawaii, raised in Las Vegas, but in the Hawaiian community. I had a very unique upbringing, which led to my interest in liberal arts. Hula was the priority in my house, and we were kept very physically active. When I was twelve years old I was 5'7", and I started modeling (I was also a dress size 00). As I began to fill a size 4, I was pressured on a daily basis from agents, clients, dressers, makeup and hair stylists to lose weight. I was told to do everything from "just drink water!", to try drugs "like the other girls." I never became anorexic, and I never did drugs to lose weight, but I did try almost every diet ever created. It led to my interest in nutrition. Eventually I earned a bachelor degree in nutrition and another in liberal arts. However, it was not until I graduated with my last degree that I began lifting weights. I found my passion. I began lifting regularly, and eventually I decided to enter a fitness competition. I was blessed and lucky to win first place in my class in novice and second place in open the same week that I became a NASM certified personal trainer.

I love health and wellness, and I want to share it with other people. This site is mostly informative and meant to be inspirational. I hope you find it to be both. I offer online personal training as well, where I can create customized plans just for you. If you enjoy working out at home, outdoors, in a fitness facility or a mix of all of the above I can create a plan just for you!

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