These star clients are perfect examples of how great a transformation you can make in a short period of time, yet still enjoy life. They still enjoyed parties, restaurants, cheat days etc while on fitgirlkoa plans, and were able to make these incredible transformations. Your body will reflect the work you put into it, regardless of what plan you are on. What I take pride in is listening to my clients about what they enjoy and what they dislike, and doing what I can to tailor a program accordingly. The process will be challenging, and that is a good thing, but I will make it as personalized as you like to ensure your success.

Before and After- Diet and Training program

Client - December 12, 2015

Client - February 14, 2016

“Taylor has been such a motivating force in my life! She is so knowledgeable, explaining not only what my diet and exercise routines are, but why and how they complement each other to help me reach my goal. Taylor is patient and forgiving while I learn how to build fitness-focused habits into my everyday life. Even though I live in Los Angeles and she lives in Las Vegas, we maintain regular communication through phone and video chats and messages, and I never feel disconnected from her. I am on my way to a sustained healthy and active lifestyle, and I’m so thankful to have her guiding me along the way!”

Training program only - stability and light weights

"I have been to three other trainers. The other trainers had me start at the same level as my daughter, and her athlete boyfriend. I acquired a knee injury, needed surgery, and cannot and would not return to those trainers. Taylor creates workouts just for me, with my preferences, age and limitations in mind."

This particular client is a senior citizen with a history of cardiac illness and the knee problems she mentioned in her testimonial. Developing a program for her was challenging, but rewarding. She is an ongoing client who continues to lose fat and increase bone density and lean muscle. 

Training program - weight lifting

A client came to me asking for a program that could increase her muscle mass in a short period of time. She was participating in a contest to gain the most lean muscle. In just a few weeks she increased her muscle mass by 9.4%, and WON HER COMPANY WIDE CONTEST!