What is online personal training?

I utilize the Optimum Performance Training method from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The OPT method is performed in four-week phases that are adjusted to any fitness level. You are purchasing a four week phase of NASM's OPT model. The phase is determined based on your current health and fitness level as well as your goals. From there different phases can be chosen or integrated to create a blended phase. Contact me with any questions you may have. 

Online training is MUCH more affordable than traditional personal training, and MUCH more personalized.

 NASM phases   

NASM phases




  1. 4 WEEK WORKOUT PLAN-  I carefully create a personalized plan based off of your goals, health, fitness level, availability to workout equipment and more.

  2. NUTRITION- upgrade your plan to include a personalized nutrition plan! vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, allergies, whatever your needs, I can create a meal plan for you. I also provide support, and you can contact me through the app at any time.

  3. ACCOUNTABILITY- we will meet through Skype, google hangouts or FaceTime so we can get to know each other! This will help to build a relationship and trust. Accountability continues beyond our initial meeting. You will send me weekly progress pictures and weigh ins so we can adjust your plan as needed to meet your personal goals.

  4. FREEDOM- I utilize NASM's four week phase model, and you can purchase these phases individually. That means you are not locked in to any year long contract. You can workout on your own terms whenever your schedule allows. No more waiting for trainers, driving across town to meet them at their gym and having to join their gyms and pay fees just to workout with them. Begin immediately! As soon as you sign up I contact you so I can begin creating a personalized plan just for you!


Soldier 76 Workout! Contact for free workout

 The original Soldier 76

The original Soldier 76

Sneak peak at Soldier76's workout! This guy is a beast! Improved huge amounts in one phase (4 weeks)

The above video is a sneak peak at the Soldier 76 workout. The workout is designed for Soldier 76 to challenge and maintain his speed, agility and strength. The guy in the video is a professional fighter and jiu jitsu legend, so this workout is perfect for him. The Soldier 76 workout is great, but because he is a client I was able to tailor the workout to his needs. The workout in the video improves neck and grip strength, conditioning and challenges his muscles from multiple dimensions and angles, which is practical for fighting.