Kicking Ass with Barbara Williams!

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Barbara Williams is a fun awesome girl who is in the middle of a web series where she interviews small business owners. The interviews are meant to be fun and informative ways to support and learn about small businesses. Also, check out her page for an interview she did with a lawyer and a musician/artist. Keep checking back because she has some really cool interviews coming up. 


BURGERS!!!!!! <3

So often people say they are not interested in “dieting” because it is too boring. There are easy ways to make daily changes and cuts in your diet that will help you to lose weight, or at minimum keep you from continuing to gain weight. You do not have to “diet” to lose weight. I love burgers. Burgers can have over a thousand calories, so my solution is to make my burgers at home. I control what I put in. I am not saying it is a low-calorie burger, this is not “diet” food, but it is lower calorie than going out to a fast-food or gourmet restaurant. Simple changes, like using Walden farms bbq sauce, low-fat cheese and mayo, lean meats, rinsing grease and more can reduce the calorie content of a burger by hundreds of calories. It is worth it, and it is still SO ONOLICIOUS.


Makes 4 burgers



Slice of wheat bread

Low-fat mayo

Walden farms bbq sauce





Turkey bacon

Low-fat cheese

Onion buns (You can go whole wheat to be a little healthier)



1.     Break and beat the egg

2.     Rub the slice of bread over the egg for bread crumbs

3.     Mix the egg and bread crumbs

4.     Add seasoning

5.     Form patties with the meat

a.     Season the meat

b.     Then fold the meat over itself so the seasoning is on the inside

6.     Dip the patties into the egg mixture

7.     Place on baking sheet

8.     Broil on high until cooked (time varies)

9.     Cook the bacon

10. Sautee the onion and mushrooms

11. Toast bread

a.     Add mayo and bbq sauce

12. When the meat is done put it together and ENJOY

Protein Bar Review

1. Bonk breaker bites

a. 135/17.5c/4p/6f

i. These are number one because they get straight to the point. Pre or

post workout, these are enough to give you some fuel. Protein bars

should not be eaten as meal replacements on a regular basis, which is

why this bar is number one. I have eaten this post workout when I

know I will not have time to eat within the hour. I like to replace

carbohydrates post workout to prevent my body from catabolizing

hard earned muscle.

2. Lenny and Larry’s Snickerdoodle

a. 180/27c/8p/4f


number two because they are soooooo onolicious, delicious. Kill it.

Also, sometimes I eat these when I have a 5 hour gap in between

meals. In that case I will eat the whole cookie. I have eaten more than

a few of these cookies. These cookies are VEGAN!

3. Quest Bar Cookies and Cream

a. 190/20c/21p/9

i. Hopefully you noticed how much higher the protein content is in this

bar than the others. That is good. Carbohydrates are arguably the

most important macro to replace post workout, but protein is

important too. Also, because it is high in protein it is a good snack to

take on the go. The protein will help to prevent a big crash from the


4. Power Crunch Bars Mint

a. 205/10c/13p/13f

i. Drastically different composition. Honestly, I got hooked on these

after seeing Buff Bunny eat them over and over again. The reason I eat

these is to curb my sweet tooth. Fat is satiating, and the protein

content is substantial, so it is still a better alternative than junk food,

and it is equally onolicious.

5. Fit Crunch

a. 380/27c/30p/16f

i. Nope! Those are not typos. Yes, 380/27c/30p/16f. For that reason I

have only eaten one in my life, but ohhhh man it was onolicious. Not

all Fit Crunch bars are this high in macronutrients. For example the

cookies and cream is almost half of everything in this bar. I highly

recommend trying this bar and deciding for yourself if it can fit into

your diet.

When you start your fitness journey you often do not know what products to purchase, and

large companies sponsor just about everything. You end up seeing the same products over

and over, and you may just try the first one and stick with it. When I first entered this

industry a girl walked me through everything. She told me exactly what supplements,

brands, proteins and everything to buy. I stuck with it even though I hated all of it. Two

years later I realize what a waste of time that all was. First of all, I try to give local and small

companies a chance whenever possible. I end up using whatever works best for me though,

regardless of whether it is a small company or a large company. These above bars made the

cut for me.

Mentality is everything

Mentality. Everything begins and ends with mentality. It can be pretty apparent how and why mentality affects lifting. If you go into a lift thinking you cannot do it, you probably will not be able to. The problem with that is to find your peak physical fitness you have to push past your boundaries. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. To see changes you must make changes. You have to be uncomfortable. You have to do things you've never done before to look a certain way that you've never looked before. In order to achieve a level of health you've never achieved before you have to make changes. Maybe you were healthy at one point in your life or fit at one point, but you lost control because life hit you harder than expected in ways that you have never imagined. Unfortunately that happens to most of us. The most important thing though is your health, because if you don't have your health it negatively affects everything you do. The good news is that investing in your health does not have to be as daunting as you might think. You could improve your health, fitness and physique from working out 60 minutes… a week! No gimmicks, no tricks, the most important thing is to keep moving. I learned that it is true, a body in motion stays in motion. It may sound corny, but this is all true. Do an at home HIIT workout for 20 minutes every other day, and you have already taken steps that will improve your health. Do it for you.