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I am a huge fan of the sharing economy, so I started looking at different aspects of it, and I found It is a place where people can go online and sell their services. I was in the lifestyle section looking for other personal trainers and nutritionists, and I came across people selling spells! They will cast a spell for you over the Internet in exchange for money. They have everything on I created a profile too and put a program up there. Currently, I am offering a crazy good deal on meal plans. Take a look at the third tier on there. Check it out, but check the whole site out. You might find exactly what you did not know you were you looking for ;P

Why Your Diet is Failing

Why Your Diet is Failing

There are more than a few reasons why your diet could be failing you. A friend of mine came to me telling me he cut out soda and sugar, but he is PISSED because he has not lost any weight! The only changes he noticed are that he is irritable, hungry and tired all the time. This friend had drank maybe 8-10 cans of coke daily for as long as I had known him, and I am sure for many years before I met him as well. Why on earth is he suffering withdrawals while experiencing no noticeable improvements? 

After I asked him what he eats, when he eats, his activity and sleep routines it became clear exactly what the problem was. 

In his mind, cutting out approximately 1,400 calories, a day should mean he loses fat. I can understand why he would think that, but not necessarily. Cutting out other sugars was a big step too, and could even cut another 1,400 calories a day, which means in two days he could lose over two pounds of fat. After adding up the math, it is perfectly reasonable to understand his confusion. 

Here is what he was doing wrong, not eating enough, and also not eating often enough. The quality of calories and nutrients were poor as well, but some may argue that is irrelevant. My friend was eating about 700-1000 calories less per day than he should have been eating, which meant his body was in starvation mode. When your body thinks it is starving it will hold onto calories as fat, whenever possible, rather than using it for energy. That coupled with the fact that his energy and nutrient needs were not being met contributed to his lethargy. His too low-calorie diet was making him tired and fat. 

Cutting out the soda and sugar was a fantastic step, but he then began to starve himself. It is important that you do not simply replace bad habits with more bad habits. You can hire a professional, or you can create a diet yourself, but either way you should do your research. 

Body Butter Recipe

Whipped body butter recipe


Why make your own body butter? Why whip it? Those are the two most common questions when I tell people I make lotion. Once I got a very strange comment (from an adult), “You made lotion? What are you a witch?” We are so used to purchasing most of our products that some people cannot even conceive of the possibility of making their own. I first started making body butter, toothpaste, dry shampoo, lip balm and more because someone very close to me died from cancer. I began to be more aware of the dangers of the products we put on our skin or our bodies every day. Skin is our largest organ, and a lot of lotions on the shelf affect our hormone balance.



1 cup of shea butter

1 cup of coconut oil

½ cup of almond oil

½ cup of mango butter

about 40 drops of essential oils

1 tsp of vitamin e


1.     Combine the butters and coconut oil in a double boiler and melt completely

2.     Let cool

3.     Once cool place in refrigerator for about an hour

a.     It should become more solid, but not too hard to whip

4.     Add essential oil, and vitamin E

5.     Whip

6.     Distribute

This could make just over 48 ounces, or fill about six eight ounce mason jars. Tie a ribbon around it and you have a great present!!


Although the process is simple it can take a bit of effort and it can be a bit of a process so I like to make as much as possible at once. Let me know how it goes if you make it!