Hey everyone!! I am a huge fan of the sharing economy. I am a contributor and a customer on countless sharing economy platforms.  I am still learning so much more about the sharing economy as time goes on, and new technologies are being funded/creative and shared. As always some websites and platforms will fail and new ones will emerge. I recently discovered a few new sites that I am excited about, and I have already created content for three of them. Let me introduce you, and then explain why you may love it to.



I will be using to deliver a vast amount of projects in the form of workout programs, videos, diet advice, grocery hauls and eventually live interaction over the Internet. I will be using the pay-per-use option for now, which means if you want to purchase an 8 week diet plan, for example, you can do that, but you may choose to opt out of the 10 week diet plan. I will be putting far more content on patreon then the other sites.



Udemy is a site where you can learn just about anything. I created a course Beginners Guide to Learning Hula and Getting Fit Dancing. I have already started other courses, all will be related to physical fitness in one way or the other. I have a course on Tahitian coming up soon, and one of women’s self-defense. You may find many other options completely unrelated to fitness on Udemy, such as marketing 101. Take a look around. The reason I love the sharing economy so much is it puts power in the hands of everyday people. We do not have to rely on traditional institutions to share our strengths and talent.


Fiverr is a site where you sell services or “gigs.” I had so much fun browsing the different services. You would be surprised how many people are offering the service of casting spells, but maybe that was not a good example. I have a three-tier program on there. The most basic is a detailed PDF program for busy women to build a booty. The second tier includes four weekly grocery lists and other useful tips. The highest tier offers 8 customized diets for a ridiculously low price. I will be creating a number of other “gigs” or programs to put on there. It is a really great site. For example you can find someone on there to edit a video for you, create a logo, probably even detail your car! Haha. Seriously, check it out.

You may even find that you want to create content for your own projects! Go for it!! As always I would love to know what you think! So leave a comment below!