Change Your Workout to Keep Your Metabolism on Fire

Change your workout to keep your metabolism on fire

rock climbing

I am the first to admit that I love routine. I hate squats; I love deadlifts. I hate running a mile, but I love sprints. Having such strong love-hate relationships with working out can lead to a set routine over a long period. Is routine bad? No. Not really. You found what you love. You are staying busy, physically active, improving your health and even lowering your risk of certain diseases like Parkinson's. I would not say that was a bad thing. However, your body becomes conditioned to the same routine, and you will not see the same results you said when you first started the routine. 

What should you do?

Change things up. For example, I am a big proponent of HIIT. People who do hiit often do the same exercises over and over. For example, jump squats, burpees, mountain climbers and ice skaters. Again, props to you for staying active. HIIT is tough, and good for you. Change it up though! Do sprints, rowing, spinning, kettlebells and make things more challenging. I do not enjoy HIIT at all, so changing things up can help to make it less repetitive. Right now I switched from sprints and jump squats to rowing. I am forever trying to build a booty, and what I love about rowing is I feel the fire directly in my glutes versus my entire legs. 

Another thing I need to watch out for is that I love doing the same lifts. I love doing deadlifts, stiff leg deadlifts, and shoulders. Good for me, right? But it is important to hit the same muscles and muscle groups from different angles. For example, rather than only doing the same shoulder routine

Shoulder Workout

Overhead press on machine
Dumbbell overhead press
Lateral raises
Front raises
Upright row

That's a good routine, in fact, I use it a lot. Too much. I may be training shoulders often, but it is important to keep in mind I am only gaining strength and size in the direction I am moving in. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint, which means you should not be training in simple back and forth movements. Repeating the same exercises is just as bad because you are not training your muscles to their full potential. 

Rotator cuff injuries are very common, so it is important to do your mobility before and after, as well as to not over tax your rotator cuff. 

Mixing up exercises with resistance bands, changing angles and adding plyos will help to make your workouts more effective, efficient, thorough and over well-rounded. 

Varied Shoulder Workout

1. Mobility
2. Handstands with push-up if possible
3. Front raises prone on incline with resistance bands
4. Pull resistance bands apart while in front of body
5. Lateral raises with resistance bands - leaning 

Now Go Do It!

Changing up angles and switching from dumbbells to bands is good to do from time to time. I also think it's great to get out and be active for your workout. Go rock climbing! So, maybe you can try indoor rock climbing before you hang off a cliff. On second thought, yeah why don't you go ahead and started with a harness as well. The point is to try new things! You will not be an expert when you start a new activity, but that does not mean it is not working your muscles in new dynamic ways and challenging you mentally as well as physically! Go hiking! I would choose a shorter but more intense hike, for example. Stay functional and have fun!! 

Let me know how it goes!