Delicious and Easy Breakfast Bowl


This post covers heart health, cholesterol levels, weight maintenance and even aging


Breakfast bowls are one of the easiest and healthiest options you can make. It only take a few minutes to blend together some of the most healthy foods you can find in the supermarket. Many people eat oatmeal for its heart healthy benefits and to control their waistline and cholesterol levels. I had a personal trainer recommend I eat oatmeal every morning when I was prepping for my first competition. At the end of eight grueling weeks I knew there was no way I was going to achieve the look I needed in the amount of time I had left. No, the oatmeal was not completely to blame, there were many problems with the program, but there are better options than oatmeal. Forcing the oatmeal down my throat made me want to gag every morning. As soon as I was done eating it I would dread the day and the night knowing I would have to do it all over again the next morning. Yet, even then, my trainers told me to suffer through it. Then I discovered oat bran!!!! Oat bran was easier to cook and tasted amazing. I felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast. To be fair, I was adding protein and peanut butter, but that did not make the oatmeal any more appetizing. I could not have been more excited to discover that oat bran has more health benefits than oatmeal.

The picture is of a breakfast bowl I had on the go today! I often choose to rush my mornings for an extra fifteen minutes of sleep. You can make your breakfast even easy by making it the night before, obviously. Instead of heating the water, simply let it soak overnight!

What is oat bran? It is the outer part of the oat flake that is removed to create instant or quick oats. As with most natural foods the outer part is packed with fiber. Remember fiber is great for controlling cholesterol and protecting your heart. As interesting as this is, you may be more curious about aging. We age because although our bodies are constantly trying to reverse oxidative damage, but there is always a little more damage, which leads to us aging. Reducing oxidative damage and consuming foods that help to reverse oxidative damage can slow the aging process. The selenium in oat bran does exactly that. In addition, selenium fights inflammation. Inflammation could be considered one of single most dangerous factors to your health. Inflammation decreases bone density, could cause depression, asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, diabetes and more. The food you eat can help to reduce inflammation and help to prevent all of the chronic diseases and conditions from developing.

Let me make this clear, you can cook oat bran in a short amount of time, it is much more delicious (in my opinion) than oatmeal, and it has more nutrients than oatmeal.

I will share a couple of recipes so you can have a better idea of how to incorporate oat bran into your diet.

Chocolately heaven

.5 cup of dried oat bran

.75 cup of hot water

2 tsp of chia seeds

2 tsp of hemp seeds

half a banana

1 serving of chocolate whey isolate protein (Optimum nutrition is delicious and contains energy boosters)

1 serving of peanut butter

sprinkle coconut flakes on top


When I make my breakfast I do not let the oat bran “cook,” I just add the ingredients all together. You could take the time to actually cook the oat bran on the stove or microwave, it really does not add that much time. You can also swap the water for milk if you want a more luxurious creamy taste. I care more about calories, and it is already delicious, so I stick to water.


Mango bowl

Mango is one of my favorite fruits, but here is Vegas I mostly only eat it dried. However, if you have access to fresh mangos then use them! Or swap them for your favorite fruit.
You can really do anything you want.

Blend hot water and oat bran

.5 cup dried oat bran

.5 cup of hot water


Blend together

.5 cup of mango

.5 cup plain Greek yogurt


Pour fruit mixture on top of the oats, and sprinkle your toppings, which could include



Hemp seeds

Chia seeds

Cacao nibs


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