I was speaking to a very close friend yesterday who suggested I switch to a subscription based website, that is when I realized I have not communicated the services I offer. Marketing 101…fail. This fitgirlkoa.com site you are on is great. I love it. I can communicate recipes, workouts, tips etc, but it is not how I train clients. I utilize www.totalcoaching.com. There is also a totalcoaching app you download to receive your workouts and track everything straight from your phone.

Total coaching sends you workout plans that I create for each individual client, with video animations to accompany each workout. The site also delivers nutrition plans straight to you. You can communicate with me through the site, and also track your own progress. You can track what days you workout, how hard the workouts are and what notes you have about them.

The site allows me to generate reports based off of your progress, training, nutrition, custom data and more. The reports help us track your progress, but also to keep you motivated. When you are able to fit into pants you have not fit in for year you are motivated to keep moving forward. These reports are another motivational tool. You can never have enough.



Check total coaching out and see if you would like to try a four week phase!