BURGERS!!!!!! <3

So often people say they are not interested in “dieting” because it is too boring. There are easy ways to make daily changes and cuts in your diet that will help you to lose weight, or at minimum keep you from continuing to gain weight. You do not have to “diet” to lose weight. I love burgers. Burgers can have over a thousand calories, so my solution is to make my burgers at home. I control what I put in. I am not saying it is a low-calorie burger, this is not “diet” food, but it is lower calorie than going out to a fast-food or gourmet restaurant. Simple changes, like using Walden farms bbq sauce, low-fat cheese and mayo, lean meats, rinsing grease and more can reduce the calorie content of a burger by hundreds of calories. It is worth it, and it is still SO ONOLICIOUS.


Makes 4 burgers



Slice of wheat bread

Low-fat mayo

Walden farms bbq sauce





Turkey bacon

Low-fat cheese

Onion buns (You can go whole wheat to be a little healthier)



1.     Break and beat the egg

2.     Rub the slice of bread over the egg for bread crumbs

3.     Mix the egg and bread crumbs

4.     Add seasoning

5.     Form patties with the meat

a.     Season the meat

b.     Then fold the meat over itself so the seasoning is on the inside

6.     Dip the patties into the egg mixture

7.     Place on baking sheet

8.     Broil on high until cooked (time varies)

9.     Cook the bacon

10. Sautee the onion and mushrooms

11. Toast bread

a.     Add mayo and bbq sauce

12. When the meat is done put it together and ENJOY