Mentality is everything

Mentality. Everything begins and ends with mentality. It can be pretty apparent how and why mentality affects lifting. If you go into a lift thinking you cannot do it, you probably will not be able to. The problem with that is to find your peak physical fitness you have to push past your boundaries. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. To see changes you must make changes. You have to be uncomfortable. You have to do things you've never done before to look a certain way that you've never looked before. In order to achieve a level of health you've never achieved before you have to make changes. Maybe you were healthy at one point in your life or fit at one point, but you lost control because life hit you harder than expected in ways that you have never imagined. Unfortunately that happens to most of us. The most important thing though is your health, because if you don't have your health it negatively affects everything you do. The good news is that investing in your health does not have to be as daunting as you might think. You could improve your health, fitness and physique from working out 60 minutes… a week! No gimmicks, no tricks, the most important thing is to keep moving. I learned that it is true, a body in motion stays in motion. It may sound corny, but this is all true. Do an at home HIIT workout for 20 minutes every other day, and you have already taken steps that will improve your health. Do it for you.