Exercises: No Core!

Exercise without engaging your core!


 How to NOT work your core

How to NOT work your core

How to do a leg workout without working your core….too much


Why on earth would you want a workout that does not workout your core? Who does not want a flatter stomach or washboard abs? Well, it is not necessarily that you do not want washboard abs, but you may have had an injury, surgery or even childbirth. Whatever your reason, there are reasons why you would choose to not work your core, at least for a bit. We all know the importance of a strong core, so hopefully you this is a short-term situation. Eventually you will need to work your way around your situation. For example, how do you work your lower body if you have knee pain? It is possible; you just have to be creative.


I recently hurt my ribs and it hurts to twist, lean or engage my core too much. I can engage it a bit, just about everything requires a degree of core strength. But, because of the pain I thought I would not be able to do a complete leg workout, however, I tried it and I was able to do six exercises, which is more than enough to constitute a complete workout. Again, this may engage your core a bit, there is really no way around it, but the engagement is fairly minimal.

First, a tip. Waist trainers or weight training belts take pressure off of the back and core. Unfortunately if you have an injury it may hurt too much to wear one.

Isometric exercises can be great for the core, but if you choose the right exercises you can minimize core involvement too!

I was able to do most leg machines

Glute pushdown on the assisted pull up machine

Hip abductor

Hip adductor

Calf machine

Squats with cable machine

            Using a straight bar, squat facing the machine and holding the straight bar

Leg press

Only the machines designed to place your body in a V position

If any of the exercises engage your core too much try body weight exercises. If there is any pain discontinue immediately.

Chairs against a wall

            Hold position for a minute

Calf raises

Body weight squats


Glute pushbacks from hands and knees

For reference, exercises I was not able to do

Cable abductor and adductor




Angled leg press