Best Coffee Ever

Crazy simple Recipe

Wassup wassup???


So, I am already proud of my coffee making skills, but today I made the best cup of coffee I have ever had, and still under 500 calories. That does not sound like much to brag about, but have you ever looked into how many calories you are drinking when you drink out? Just like eating out you are probably consuming hundreds of more calories than you think. Again, I can already hear some of you thinking, "It's the holidays!" Yeah, true, but hopefully you can hear me thinking, "So? Enjoy it! But you can enjoy something with half the calories, a fraction of the cost and that is healthy for you if you just make it yourself." I say that ALL THE TIME, and I am not going to stop because I STILL HEAR SOME OF YOU THINK IT.  

You may have seen my bulletproof coffee post, but I decided to take it a step further today. I used to tell everyone about the most amazing chocolate protein in the world, but of course, Lean Active 7 discontinued it...because that is what all companies do when they make a fantastic product. So, I have been sampling every chocolate protein I can get my hands on. I found one that is acceptable; it is not as good, but it is still onolicious. 

I will include nutrition info, even though these calories are all healthy calories, so they should not matter for most of us. 

Coconut oil 3/4 tsp 100 calories
Coffee of your choice  0 calories
ON protein powder 50 calories

1. Make the coffee
2. Pour into blender
3. Add all the ingredients and blend

This particular ON Protein has 10g of protein per serving and 110 mg of caffeine, which is equal to about a 5oz cup of coffee (which is a weird number of ounces). You can use either one scoop or two. I try to use one whenever possible because I can eat it twice as often throughout the day. So, obviously, there are only 5g of protein in one scoop. 

The BEST part about all of this is not even that you get to drink the world's best cup of coffee (Elf joke), but you can still get more than half of the purchase price of the protein on Groupon right now! Go get it!

Crazy simple, but bomb and energy packed! The fats in the coconut oil help to ensure a slower digestion of the caffeine, which acts like a slow acting time release love, sorry energy bomb (Frasier joke). 

If you try it please leave a comment below! I want to know what you think. Feel free to leave comments of other drinks you have discovered, or other proteins!!! I am still searching for a protein that is as good as the chocolate cake from lean active 7.