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 Booty building done right

Booty building done right


Widowmaker is cartoonishly built but equally admired for her physique, which is annoying. However, I created a booty-building program inspired by Widowmaker. Booty building is becoming increasingly popular. Most people have one answer to booty building, and that is “squats.” Fine. Squats are great. They are one of the almost perfect and complete movements along with deadlifting. Keep in mind, however that they are not the only booty building movement, and depending on your genetics you may end up building much larger legs than you want. I prefer having a more well-rounded workout that you can change and customize as your body develop. Either way, Widowmaker must have some good genes (designer) and a crazy intense booty-building program. I think it looks something like this:

HIIT – 20 mins 3 days a week

1.     Squats 3 sets of 13 at 80% of one rep max

2.     RDL 3 sets 12

3.     Laying leg curls 2 drop sets 6-8-10

a.     Increasing in intensity

4.     Glute bridges 3 sets of 20 hold at the top

5.     Squats

a.     Very light weight

b.     Hold at the bottom of the squat for 20 seconds

                                               i.     Repeat 3 times




 Psych! Reinhardt's workout is coming on the next blog... His workout is INTENSE to say the least.


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