Eatt Healthy!


Living in Las Vegas has a lot of perks, but it took me a LONG time to appreciate all the city has to offer. That was my fault just because I would spend my life just going to work, school and home. Now that I have used Google, Yelp, and Groupon to discover what ELSE Vegas has to offer, I have been pleasantly surprised. I mostly search for healthy restaurants. Eating at home is always my preference because I like to save money and be home. Bam! However, on occasion I may have a longer day running errands than expected and I may also have forgotten to replace my spare protein muffin, so I am forced to eat out. Luckily something similar to this happened to me the other day, and I discovered Eatt Healthy. I was expecting a Greens and Proteins type of place since they are popping up all over Las Vegas. Basically, I was expecting a somewhat trendy almost LA style healthy casual restaurant that would let me order to go. What I discovered was COMPLETELY different. 

I passed the place by accident (not going to lie), and then when I circled back I was confused. It was so dark that I thought the place was closed. The open sign was on, but it was so dark, I thought it was a mistake. I read the hours, and it should have been open, so I tried the door and guess what????? It was open! Hah! Two friendly adults greeted me when I walked inside (other restaurants hire children with fake smiles either pretending to be busy on the phone or who give you a fake smile after they put down their phones). I was already happy. I looked around, and the restaurant had no customers, but it was strikingly well designed and attractive. The menu was high end. I had no idea. Even after having eaten at many healthy restaurants in Santa Monica I was surprised at how upscale the menu was. I chose a Caesar’s salad, an 8oz Rib eye Premium Black Angus beef with French ratatouille-beef juice, and the “exotic” dessert. 

The Caesar’s was the perfect blend of crispy iceberg, chicken, and fresh bread. The steak was tender and moist, but the best part was how perfectly it blended with the Ratatouille. Surprisingly I can be picky about desserts. I have eaten at a lot of fine dining restaurants…in another life…and I usually skipped dessert for cinnamon toast crunch at home. Why waste the calories on a disappointment that is nothing more than a failed attempt at some fancy concoction to impress snobs. You may or may not have noticed, but I have very simple taste. I prefer basic and simple foods, which is why I am even more impressed with the fact that I found a chef that could make me put down my saimin with fried spam for a Ratatouille-beef juice. I also had no intention of ordering dessert, but I realized the dessert here would be an experience! So, of course, I had no choice. Dessert it is. So I chose the “exotic.” It is a green tea biscuit with coconut mousse and passion fruit caramel. Yes, that really exists…and it is even better than it sounds. Of course, it was decorated with a hibiscus petal. It was as if this restaurant was here for the sole purpose of cheering me up! And it worked! 

Let me remind you; I had every intention of basically getting a burrito to go. I was having an exceptionally bad day and was driving aimlessly when I stumbled upon this incredible place. Since it was going to take ten minutes to prepare the entrée, I decided to stay and eat. By the way, I have never eaten alone! I have traveled to foreign countries alone many times and managed never to eat in a public place alone…it is a fear of mine. Eatt Healthy had such a great atmosphere that I wanted to stay! The service was perfect; the staff was friendly and professional. The chef came to the table to say hi, this is no Greens and Proteins. 

Of course, you will not get a French dining experience at a Green and Proteins price either, so I do recommend you try it, but perhaps either reserve it for business lunch, a special occasion or just expect to spend a bit of money. 

If you live in Las Vegas and you try it, please tell me! If you visit Las Vegas and you try it, please tell me!!

Eatt Healthy
7865 W Sahara Avenue Suite 104-105
Las Vegas, NV 89117