Total Wellness Plan

Total Wellness

It is easy to focus only on things we see and to ignore what can sometimes be the most important elements to your health simply because you cannot see them. For example, many people begin workout programs to look better on the beach or for a special occasion, rather than to improve their physical or mental health. Exercise alone can provide many physical, physiological and mental health benefits, so kudos to those people who take that first step. A well-rounded total wellness approach can increase those same results exponentially, expand the results to include more areas of health, and do so all within the same amount of time. You know you should eat healthily and exercise, but few people know how many calories their body needs to function, build muscle or cut body fat, and few know what sets/reps/volume are right for their goals. Even fewer combine essential oils to help with digestion, relaxation or joint and muscle pain. I have just completed a total body workout plan for myself that includes a variety of elements to improve overall health. I could share it with you, but this plan is specific to my height/weight/age/fitness level/health/goals. I can, however, provide information for you to create your plan, or you can purchase a package from me, and I can analyze your situation and create a plan for you. I will proceed by explaining elements of my program just to share information with you. 

I am 5’9.5” and naturally slim. I have always wanted to build more muscle, and I am working on it, but it is particularly challenging given my height and genes. My particular goals at this moment include low reps and sets for compound movements and high reps and sets for isolation movements. I am not doing cardio, so my caloric intake is approximately 1800 calories per day. Macronutrients are incredibly important with my current goals, so I have divided my intake into about 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat. I am using essential oils as needed. My workout plan hits every muscle in the legs and is split between two days. Because you must place lots of stress on your leg muscles before you can feel any change, it is likely you will experience muscle soreness (I do from time to time). Often I make a body butter out of coconut oil, mango butter, lavender, and almond oil, and then drop more lavender oil on the area. This body butter combined with lavender oils is incredibly effective at reducing muscle soreness. I have purchased other ready-made essential oil products that are made to reduce muscle soreness specifically and unfortunately I did not feel any effect. 

Again that plan is very specific to my body and goals, and I am not recommending this diet to anyone. However, after some time has passed, I will post progress pictures to share my results with you. If you have questions, feel free to contact me, and I will do my best to answer them. 

By the way, the pictures on my websites have either not been photoshopped at all, or only my tattoo has been removed by photoshop.